Virotherapy, the new Integrative oncology treatment Europe

Global Therapy is the medical institution located in Latvia, which offers the best Integrative oncology treatment Europe, which is committed to the well-being of its patients by providing personalized attention and impeccable medical attention by the best specialists. Its mission is to establish an alliance between doctor and patient so that together, they can overcome cancer.

The Integrative oncology treatment europe against cancer is complex but very safe and effective, based on virotherapy and supplemented with integrative medicine. Because the clinic is located in Jurmala, very close to the beach, patients feel calm to be in a very peaceful environment.
Virotherapy is based on the use of oncolytic viruses that are responsible for destroying cancer cells without damaging healthy tissues. In addition to strengthening the patient’s immune system and being well tolerated, causing minimal side effects, virotherapy has been shown to be effective in killing cells resistant to chemotherapy and radiation, such as melanoma.
The clinic offers patients three virotherapy treatment packages that include all the medical and accommodation services they may need. Consultations with specialists; oncologists, immunologists, nutritionists, evaluation of cases and performing the corresponding examinations, nursing service, Riga Virus injections, medicines, comfortable room and daily meals.
Additionally and with the aim of accelerating the recovery of patients who have undergone surgery or attend to the alterations resulting from the chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions, the clinic offers a therapeutic recreation program that includes physiotherapy, psychotherapy, acupuncture, relaxation techniques of mind and body and art therapy sessions.
We are one of the most recognized clinics in the world; our treatments are of the highest quality with a high index of success fighting this disease that devastates millions of people. To opt for a free evaluation of your case, just fill out the application form available on the official website of the clinic: This is a completely free service.