Pokemon Go: How to Find and Catch Articuno

After more than a year of expectation and need from fans, mythical Pokemon are added into Pokemon Go. They look through Legendary Raid occasions, and Articuno is close to the very top of each Pokemon coach’s must-catch list. Articuno is tricky and pops up infrequently, but Pokemon Go Promo Code will increase your probability of incorporating this legendary pocket creature into your own collection.

How to Grab Articuno in Pokemon Go
Like most of the mythical friends, Articuno only looks during a Legendary Raid where he’s featured as the occasion’s boss. In addition to this, Raids pose a challenge to seasoned Pokemon trainers. Trainers who group up are more likely to live and catch Pokemon Go Promo Codes .
Collect your friends and meet in a Legendary Raid place, represented as gyms in-game. Ensure that you’ve got at least one Pokemon on your group pushed and ready to rumble; it is not unusual for Legendary Pokemon to boast lifetime gauges of 40,000 hit points or longer. You will also need to be certain that you’ve got the ideal pocket creatures for your occupation. Articuno is weak against fire, steel, electrical, and particularly fire. Beware, however: that Pokemon shrugs off strikes from Earth, Bug, and Grass Pokemon types.
Scrape and claw your way to the conclusion of this Legendary Raid and hang hard against Articuno. Do not let up when he is on the ropes. Similar to every other Pokemon, Articuno must be captured. Bring a Golden Razz Berries–that increase your odds of shooting creatures–to the Raid to provide yourself a much greater prospect of sticking the landing.