If you want to have the best emotion, try the Glassbongs that we offer you

The habit of smoking originated many centuries ago, but since the twentieth century, this practice has been used in different societies. At first, it was a male-only custom and over the years became fashionable among the female audience.

Since cigarettes began to be very popular in the market, a more sophisticated and classic way of consuming tobacco was devised. The Glassbongs were conceived in the beginning as an instrument to inhale the smoke and smoke grass, leaving aside the use of the cigarette.

These Glassbongs are made of borosilicate glass and exist in various shapes and sizes. Also, they are found with aluminum alloys, for longer duration and are lighter. Its spoon shape allows the act of smoking is not annoying for the person.

They have an opening at the end opposite the nozzle, which is intended to keep the grass or dry tobacco, and then proceed to light it with a soft flame, by absorbing air to give it fire.

Once the tobacco deposited in the bowl has been ignited, the mouthpiece is simply placed on the lips and the smoke produced by the bite is sucked up. Depending on the size of the pipe and bowl, the amount of tobacco will be placed.

The duration of the bite depends on the number of times it is absorbed and the portion of grass that is used. It can be used from 15 to 35 grams and when consumed in its entirety, it must be completely renewed.

Glassbongs that are one piece should be cleaned frequently, it is not advisable to reuse the rest that remains in the bowl of previous puffs. Since the instrument cannot be disassembled, it can be cleaned with running water or special cleaners that sell in stores dedicated to the field.

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