How to take screenshot on windows10 techniques

The scuttle net is an online forum that has a different type of information related to the technology. This fast-growing technology has some life hacks that can be so much helpful in the day to day life. These features are known to very few people and so there is no proper use of technology. But once we get to know them, it becomes easy to deal with technology and so we are here for your help. We have a guide to different tech hacks that can help you solve many issues in seconds.

Here are some of the techniques on how to take a screenshot on windows 10 computer. We can take a screenshot by clicking print screen button but what if you don’t want to save the screenshot. What will you do to not save the screenshot windows? It is better to not save the screenshot windows10, which will acquire waste extra space. You just simply need to press the print screen button and click paste. You can also use Alt+Fn+PrtScn and get the work done.

You can get the screenshot of just one window also. It can be done in simple two steps. You need to click the title bar then click alt and print screen button simultaneously. You will put that on the clipboard. Some device needs the use of Fn button. Thus, you can take the screenshot of one window.

There are sometimes when we want to avoid taking screenshots of the whole windows. This is needed when you want to hide something or not want to show it to them. You can press windows + shift + S button and everything on the screen will become greyish. Then drag your curser of the place which you want in the screenshot. Click on paste or ctrl + v and you work will be easily done. This is supported in the latest versions of Windows 10 only. Thus, you know how to take screenshot on windows10.

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