Important revelations about the differences Between Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism

It has always been believed that all Buddhist monks have the same ideology, but nothing is further from the truth. With the passage of time this doctrine, which began in India, has included new aspects and has varied many others, but still retains the essence of what Buddhism is.

It has remained for many centuries, being the fourth religion with more followers in the world. Over time it spread to Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Thailand, where Theravada Buddhism predominates the most; as well as Tibet, China, Japan where Mahayana Buddhism was established.

The product of that geographic expansion and other causes that continue still without being determined this discipline separated into two schools of Buddhism. Taking each one different customs, but keeping the path to nirvana. Also, it is believed that new schools arose because of the separation between the Sthaviras reformers and the Mahāsāṃghikas conservatives.

The truth is that due to the incursion into new cultures, the doctrine was changing and adjusting to the customs of each area. There are two schools that are very representative of Mahayana vs. Theravada Buddhism, which have common aspects, although they have varied in many traits.

The main differences between Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism lie in essence, in that Thervana Buddhism is more unified, has preserved many philosophies of its origins, its rites are less relevant, they concentrate more on meditation as a way to reach the maximum degree of possible happiness, they are so strict that they eat once a day, their doctrine is very practical, while Mahayana is very independent, their rituals are more elaborate, they use meditation as a means to benefit other beings, they have no restrictions on eating They are more tolerant and adapt to changes.

However, both schools use the same theories as The Historical Buddha as the teacher or the Four noble truths.

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