At Zorpro we change the security industry with security metal detectors of the best quality

There are dozens of metal detectors in the security market, but none with the technology, quality, experience, and prices offered by Zorpro security metal detectors.

In Zorpro we are proud of the systems of walk through metal detector that we offer as Zorpro 24, the most recommended for all who take security seriously, it is a super sensitive detector, it works smoothly and efficiently in Airports, ports, schools or in any application, it has intelligent alerts of pending operation and has a function of information consultation in real time, including freehand scanner. The Zorpro 6 Zone, a good metal detector with a tight budget. The bow of the Zorpro 6 adopts a complete aluminum frame and a integrated dual high brightness LED that checks for metal elements hidden in the body, with a sensitivity that reaches level 400, its software is simple, it has a remote control and its installation is very easy.

Zorpro also has a wide range of security X-ray machines for almost any application that requires security control such as Mail and small packages, Precious metals, Inspection of the checkpoint, large baggage and freight and Correctional facilities.

We can safely say that at Zorpro we have the X-ray security scanner you are looking for, we have a wide variety of models that will provide you with the best images and the latest technology whatever your budget.

At you can review in detail our entire walk through metal detectors and X-ray security scanners. Contact us through our office in Utah or write us on our website. At Zorpro we will provide free samples if you wish because we want you to feel satisfied with our products and services offered.
Our goal is to provide safety equipment at the best prices without sacrificing quality and performance.

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